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Hi, I’m Nicolas S aka d3vyce. I am a network and cybersecurity engineer living in France. I’ve always been passionate about computer science and technology, and over the years I’ve developed my skills in various fields such as programming, cybersecurity, infrastructure, networks, … In addition to my master degree in networks and security, I love CTF and I have a homelab at home to continue my learning and experiment new things.

If you want to send me an email, you can secure it by using my PGP key. This site uses the security.txt standard for bug reporting.

  1. Engineering internship: Network Design Architect


    Multi-technology collection capacity planning. Study and management of network evolution (collection, xDSL, Fiber, Backbone). Technical deliverables, pre-sales and OSM technical support.
  2. Master's degree in Networks and Cybersecurity


  3. Optimization and Monitoring of an enterprise network


    Upgrade and documentation of network equipment, implementation of a monitoring and automatic alert solution.
  4. Two-year University degree in Networks and Telecommunications