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Hi, I'm Nicolas S. or d3vyce on the internet!
I'm a french student in networking and cybersecurity at ESIEE Paris.

This blog gathers my different projects, findings and reflexion on any kind of subject.

If you want to follow my news or contact me do not hesitate to use the following links :

If you want to send me an email, you can secure it by using my PGP key.
This site uses the security.txt standard for bug reporting.


To access the active machine writeup, you must have finished the machine and retrieve the root/admin hash. The page credencials are based on the following elements:
- For Linux machines: root/[root_hash]:
- For Windows machines: Administrator/[administrator NT hash]
Administrator:xxx:[LM_hash]:[NT hash]:::
Any attempt to brute force the form will result in an IP ban. If you have a question or problem, send me an email: contact[at]d3vyce[dot]fr


  • 2019/2022 - Master's degree in Networks and Cybersecurity
  • 2017/2019 - Two-year university degree in Networks and Telecommunications
  • 2017 - High-School Diploma, Science major

Professional Experience

  • 2022/20XX - Soon
  • 2019/2022 - Network Architect
    Multi-technology collection capacity planning. Study and management of network evolution (collection, xDSL, Fiber, Backbone). Technical deliverables, pre-sales and OSM technical support.
  • 2019 - Optimization and Monitoring of an enterprise network
    Upgrade and documentation of network equipment, implementation of a monitoring and automatic alert solution


  • French - Native
  • English - 940/990 pts TOEIC
  • Italien - Basic notion


  • OSCP - Preparation for a future trial
  • Jr Penetration Tester (THM)
  • Offensive Pentesting (THM)
  • JNCIA Junos
  • CCNAv7, CCNA R&S

Cyber Challenge/Event

  • leHACK 2022 - Paris
  • 404 CTF 2022 - Online
  • Cyber Apocalypse CTF 2022 - Online
  • TRACS CTF 2021 (Team Get-Pwned) - CentraleSupélec

Cyber Tools Used

Burp, Metasploit, Nmap, FFUF, SQLmap, Hydra, John, Hashcat, Msfvenom CrackMapExec, Netcat, Dirbuster, linPEAS, winPEAS


  • Homelab Server
  • Pentesting
  • 3D printing
  • Urbex